Independent Consultant Contract

Independent consultant contract is an agreement between an employer and an independent firm or worker that provides a certain service or goods to them. Unlike employees this contract is mainly... Read More

Deconstructing the Consulting Contract

Deconstructing the consulting contract is done when the client or agency wants to further evaluate the agreement that they will work into specifically when it comes in the consulting part.... Read More

Manufacturing License Contract

Manufacturing license contract is an agreement between a licensor which is the original owner or a government branch that gives license to a licensee which is the production or factory... Read More

International Trade Center Contractual Joint Venture

International trade center contractual joint venture is the agreement of two or more corporation in achieving a specific project which is to have a trade or business internationally with their... Read More

International Joint Venture Contract

International joint venture contract is the arrangement and deal of two or more business enterprise from other countries that forms and alliance over a certain project. It is a legal... Read More

Information Technology Consultancy Contract

Information technology consultancy contract is done when a client and an Information firm agreed upon a mutual collaboration with each other when it comes in assistance to information management and... Read More

Contract for Professional Consulting Services

Contract for professional consulting services is an agreement between a client or an agency/ person whose expertise is needed when it comes to having suggestion or opinion in a given... Read More

Contract Electronic Manufacturers

Contract electronic manufacturers are done when a firm hires a contract manufacture which specializes in the production of electronics to produce, distribute and sell its own designed gadget to the... Read More

Consultancy Service Contract

Consultancy service contract is an agreement between a client or an agency/ person whose expertise is usually in the fields of business and human resources. Their contract is in a... Read More

Artist Producer Contract

Artist producer contract is defined when an artist sets into a deal with a producer and a production it company to seal the deal in managing the singer or composers... Read More

Design and Construction Contract

Having a topic for design and construction contract is more of a broad type. In relation to the said contract the following sub topics are important to discuss and be... Read More

Retail Space Lease Contract

Retail spaces are often given out for lease as most retailers don’t prefer to buy out an entire property just for a few-years use. The conditions that are made when... Read More

Academic Improvement Contract

For a student to get better in his field, a constant assessment of his talents and drawbacks is necessary. An academic improvement contract which is just this – a record... Read More